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Attachment Research Community: Attachment and Trauma Awareness - teaching, learning and emotional wellbeing in schools
The past year has seen a heightened focus on issues ofteaching, learning and support for pupils, teachers andparents/carers in schools, following the Covid pandemic.This document lays out the recommendations and rationaleof the signatory organisations for policymaking in Englandto support recovery and build resilience for all members ofthe school community, and especially the most vulnerable, inorder to improve performance, mental health and wellbeingand to narrow attainment gaps.
OfSTED inspections of ITE (from May 2021)
Updated guidance on the resumption of OfSTED inspections from May 2021
Education and Training Foundation newsletter (April- May 2021)
The latest ETF newsletter is available to read below.
OFSTED ITE update (April 2021)
The latest ITE update from OfSTED.
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (April 2021)
The latest teacher recruitment recruitment bulletin from the DfE.
Diverse Educators: Blog Submissions
Diverse Educators are looking for blog contributions under the umbrella of the umbrella themes of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and speaks to the9 Protected Characteristics.
Research on Creativity and Creative Arts in Primary ITT
Researchers in the School of Education, the University of Nottingham are looking for Primary ITT course directors and creative art specialists to contribute to their project of arts and creativity teaching in ITT.
NFER: Teacher Labour Market in England Report 2021 Launch: webinar and presentation
This event featured a range of insightful contributions from our expert panel and the questions from participants enabled an interesting discussion of these important issues affecting teachers.
OfSTED inspections of ITE on 4th May
Please see the statement by UCET on the planned resumption of inspections of ITE by OfSTED on 4th May 2021.
DfE: Early Career Framework Reforms: Statutory Induction Guidance and Appropriate Body Guidance Update (25th March 2021)
Changes to the statutory induction arrangements. The revised statutory guidance underpinning induction comes into force from September 2021. It has been significantly updated since the previous version (issued April 2018).
DfE: Induction for Early Career Teachers
Statutory guidance for appropriatebodies, headteachers, school staff andgoverning bodiesRevised March 2021; to come into force on 1 September 2021
UCET 2021 Easter Newsletter
The UCET Easter newsletter is now available to read below. A PDF copy is also attached.
NFER report: Teacher Labour Market in England - Annual Report 2021’
Please click on the link in the text below to access the report.
Core Content Framework exemplification resources
This document has been produced ‘by the sector’ and ‘for the sector.’ It provides a selection of exemplification resources related to the CCF. It is designed as an introductory document for providers to use with their trainees and the colleagues who provide them with expert mentoring and support. It provides links to readily available resources which support each of the ‘learn how to’ emboldened statements in the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF). Each emboldened statement is set out under the relevant section of the Teachers’ Standards, following the CCF layout. Some of the resources are applicable to more than one of the Teachers’ Standards.
Teach Best website and Twitter link
The new Teach Best website and Twitter link. These form part of our campaign in respect of the review of the ITT market. Please engage with the website and twitter link and share with your contacts. Many thanks to those of you who supplied case studies and logosUCET
FE ITE bursaries and grants programme 2020/21: application window open
The application window for the 2020/2021 FE ITE bursaries and grants programme is now open.
A slap in the face? The English government's plans for initial teacher education
The full text of James Noble-Rogers' speech to the Westminster Education Forum (23 February 2021) is available to read below.
Top Education Reports in Autumn 2020: Bristol Document Summary Service
A blog by Helen Aberdeen for the Autumn Document Summary Service reports (University of Bristol).
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (February 2021)
The latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (February 2021)
Organisations that are eligible to receive government funding to train apprentices.
DfE: Covid-19 February 2021 updates
Updates from the DfE, including the announcement of progress assessments for 2020/21 trainees.
TeachVac Annual Review of 2020
TeachVac's annual report of 2020. TeachVac remains the only independent free national vacancy service for schools and teachers acrossEngland. 2020 was its sixth year of operation and during the year it matched just over 55,000 vacancieswith teachers registered to use the site, at no cost to the public purse. In the secondary sector,TeachVac handles vacancies from both state-funded and independent schools.
UCET press notice on the ITE Market Review (26th January 2021)
Please see the attached press notice about the market review which has been issued today.
Awarding QTS in 2021 (Jan 2021)
The coronavirus restrictions introduced in the Spring term of 2021, are likely to impact on the amount of time that trainees will spend in schools, and the range of teaching experiences they will be afforded. As such providers need to consider how they can make recommendations for the awarding of QTS.
UCET Discussion paper on effective Continuing Professional Development (Jan 2021)
This report is based on the wealth of experience and scholarship shared by UCET colleagues. It reflects on key aspects of CPD-related policy, practice and research over the past 50 years .
DfE: Eligibility for SKE (Jan 2021)
The latest information from the DfE on the eligibility for SKE. In December 2020 the Department confirmed, as part of the SKE package for academic year 20/21, that ITT candidates who have a degree in their chosen ITT subject awarded in the previous 5 years are not eligible for SKE. These candidates should have the required level of subject knowledge, or be able to top up their knowledge, without a DfE funded SKE course.
OfSTED: ITE Update newsletter (Jan 2021)
January 2021 update from OfSTED.
UCET Equalities Sub-group
A summary of the aims and work of the new sub-group on how Inequalities based on race, class, gender, ability, sexuality and other protected characteristics (and intersectionality) affect the learning trajectories of children and young people. The full statement can be read below.
DfE: Prior Information Notice on the Institute of Teaching (5th Jan 2021)
A link to the PIN issued by the DfE on the 5th January regarding the Institute of Teaching.
UCET statement on the DfE review of the ITE market and the Institute for Teaching
UCET's statement on the DfE review of the ITE market.
Million+ Placements Toolkit Guidance
This toolkit has been developedby the sector, for the sector, andis intended to act as a helpfulguide for ITT providers. It setsout ways in which providersare approaching setting/schoolplacements in the currentCOVID-19 context. It builds onthe earlier placement paperpublished in July 2020, byproviding additional ideas andapproaches.Please note that the links withinthe document were correct at thepoint of publication. The links arefor illustrative purposes only anddo not constitute endorsementby the authors.
UCL IoE report: Making Progress?: the employment and retention of BAME teachers in England
A new report ‘Making progress? The employment and retention of BAME teachers in England’, is published today by UCL IoE. Focusing on the retention of teachers from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, it questions the idea that the education system in England is ‘making progress’ in terms of race equality in the case of these teachers.
DfE: SKE funding packages for AY2020/21
The DfE's announcement on SKE funding for 2020/2021.
DfE: Initial teacher training: trainee number census 2020 to 2021
Provisional recruitment to initial teacher training (ITT) programmes in England in the academic year 2020 to 2021.
UCET Christmas Newsletter 2020
The UCET Christmas newsletter 2020 is available to read below along with a PDF copy.
JNR Blog: The DfE review of the ITE market
JNR's new blog on the DfE's review of the ITE market is published today.The full text of the blog can be found below, as well as a PDF version.
Teacher Recruitment Bulletin - November edition
The latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
UCET Forum dates: Spring and Summer terms 2021
Dates for the UCET forums in Spring and Summer 2021
DfE: National Professional Qualifications reforms
The government’s plans to introduce new national professional qualifications (NPQs) and review existing NPQs.
DfE: Guidance on remote lesson observations and travel to/from placements (19 Oct 2020)
Please note this is guidance issued by the DfE.The DfE have, at the suggestion of UCET and NASBTT, pulled together some existing guidance on GOV.UK that you may find useful as they discuss carrying out lesson observations or moderation remotely.
DfE: New student visa route open for applications (6th October)
The new Student visa route, which falls under the UK’s new points-based immigration system, is now open for applications. This route is open to all international students (i.e. trainees on unsalaried ITT courses), including those from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.
Initial teacher education providers: unsung heroes of the pandemic (September 29th, 2020)
JNR blog on how ITE providers are the unsung heroes of the education sector.
DfE: New Immigration System: new guidance and other developments (September 25th 2020)
The DfE published 4 pieces of online guidance this week on the new immigrations system (from January 2021) and how this will affect overseas student teachers and trainee providers.
ITT Core Content Framework Exemplification Resource
These resources were collated by DFE on the basis of suggestions made by a selection of ITT providers. They were not produced by UCET and are not endorsed or otherwise by UCET.The ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) published in November 2019, defines the minimum entitlement for all trainees and places a duty on ITT providers and partner schools to work to embed this in programmes from September 2020. This document includes resources that complement those in the references section of the CCF (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/initial-teacher-training-itt-core-content-framework).
Inside Inclusion: supporting teachers and trainee teachers to address bullying and creative inclusive schools in the 20-21 academic year
Chris Gibbons is Director of Inside Inclusion and has over 15 years’ experience developing and delivering inclusion and anti-discrimination strategies across a range of industries in the private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK and around the world. From boardrooms to classrooms, he has helped organisations put diversity and inclusion at the heart of what they do and understand the moral, commercial and legal benefits of creating an inclusive culture.
UCET Covid 19 risk assessment advice
The purposes of this guidance is to give UCET members some suggestions about things they might like to consider when carrying out risk assessments and making decisions about the placement of ITE students in schools during the current Covid 19 Pandemic. This advice is contingent on any future decisions or guidance from relevant statutory authorities.
MillionPlus Policy Briefing: The Future of Initial Teacher Education: Living in the age of Covid-19 and beyond
A new policy briefing paper from MillionPlus.
DfE: ITT delivery for 2020/21: provider approaches and examples
This document has been developed by the sector for the sector, and is intended to act as a helpful guide for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers by setting out some ideas about how to approach delivery in the current context, together with examples of what some providers are doing already.
DfE Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (July 2020)
ITT Recruitment1) Guidance Updates for all ITT Partnerships2) Summer Recruitment Service3) Important Changes to the Professional Skills Tests4) Changes to the Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) and July updatesSupport available5) Associate support for accredited ITT providers6) COVID-19 ITT course extension funding7) Teaching Vacancies ServiceProgramme Updates 8) Now Teach Network & Programme Update9) Cognition Education Programme Update10) Maths and physics chairs programme – trainees available for September 202011) Future Teaching Scholars: an opportunity to fill maths and physics vacancies.12) Recruit International Teachers for STEM and MFL13) Extra support for school early career teachers14) Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) coursesITT 202115) Preparing for the DfE Apply for Teacher Training service
Systematic Synthetic Phonics and theOfSTED ITE inspection framework
UCET's statement on the Systematic Synthetic Phonics and the OfSTED ITE inspection. The new Ofsted Framework for the Inspection of ITT Providers in England has been recently published and it is clear Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) continues to be central to the government’s approach to the teaching of early reading and must be covered in all primary ITE programmes. It is also required to be covered through references in the 2012 teacher standards (Part 1, Pg. 11) and the Core Content Framework (Pgs.6; 14 & 15). The new Ofsted Framework for the Inspection of ITT Providers in England has been recently published and it is clear Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) continues to be central to the government’s approach to the teaching of early reading and must be covered in all primary ITE programmes. It is also required to be covered through references in the 2012 teacher standards (Part 1, Pg. 11) and the Core Content Framework (Pgs.6; 14 & 15). SYSTEMATIC SYNTHETIC PHONICS AND THE OfSTED ITE INSPECTION
UCET Summer 2020 Newsletter
A copy of the UCET Summer 2020 Newsletter is now available to read
Global Education Monitoring Report 2020 - Inclusion and Education: All Means All
Three new reports from UNESCO on inclusion and education
Musical chairs: Understanding and tackling COVID-19 disruption to the teacher recruitment market (June 2020)
A report from The Gatsby Foundation on teacher recruitment during the Pandemic and the implications for NQTs.
OfSTED: ITE Consultation Engagement 2020: FAQs
The results of the recent consultation engagement in an FAQ. A PDF copy is also available to download below.
NFER Report - Teacher Labour Market
NFER’s annual Teacher Labour Market report series, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, aims to monitor the progress the school system is making towards meeting the teacher supply challenge by measuring the key indicators and trends of teacher supply and working conditions. This second annual report presents data from a range of sources, which together highlight the trends that describe the teacher supply situation, up to 2018/19.
Education and Training Foundation Newsletter (June 2020).
The latest copy of the Education and Training Foundation's newsletter.
The Bell Foundation: ITT Evidence-informed EAL content recommendations for ITE curricula in line with the ITT Core Content Framework
Nearly half of all teachers in England are teaching pupils from diverse backgrounds, and superdiversity in schools is becoming the norm. Therefore, ensuring that student teachers are prepared to meet the needs of pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) as part of their initial teacher education (ITE) is essential, due to the need to ensure that their teaching practices are fully reflective of diversity, equity and inclusion.
Quality Teaching for EAL learners in the ITT Content Framework - webinar 21st May
This webinar will explore the implications of the DfE’s ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) for the design of initial teacher training programmes with a focus on preparing student teachers to work in diverse multilingual classrooms and to meet the learning needs of their current and future English as an Additional Language (EAL) pupils. It will introduce a guidance document produced by The Bell Foundation to support ITT programme leads and tutors as they review and redesign their organisation’s ITT curriculum in line with the ITT CCF.
CollectiveED (Leeds Beckett University): May 2020 update & research project on coaching & COVID-19
The latest news and updates from CollectiveED at Leeds Beckett University. Details of the current research into coaching and mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found in the attached PDF, along with the full update of events and information.
Education and Training Foundation newsletter (April-May 2020)
The latest copy of the ETFs newsletter.