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NASBTT Partnership Directory
Following a number of requests from members, NASBTT is pleased to provide NASBTT and UCET Members with access to our Partnership Directory, this directory lists accredited providers who are open to partnership discussions.
Education Policy and Research Service Blog September 2022
The Education Policy and Research Service blog by Helen Aberdeen, Director of the School of Education, University of Bristol.
UCET's statement on the outcomes of Round 1, Stage 2 of the Market Review
Please see the statement below.
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (September 2022)
The September issue of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
NFER Report: Comparative analysis of teacher attrition rates in England and Wales
A new report from the National Foundation for Education Research on teacher attrition rates in England and Wales.
TEAN Newsletter (September 2022)
The September issue of the Teacher Education Advancement Network newsletter is now available to read below.
The Attachment Research Community newsletter
The September newsletter from the Attachment Research Community with details of forthcoming events and research projects.
The Improvising Teacher: Reconceptualising Pedagogy, Expertise and Professionalism (Routledge) by Nick Sorensen (Bath Spa University)
The Improvising Teacher Reconceptualising Pedagogy, Expertise and Professionalism by Nick Sorensen, Bath Spa University, UK Series: Routledge Research in Education. The Improvising Teacher offers a radical reconceptualisation of improvisation as a fundamental element of teacher expertise. Drawing on theories of improvisation and expertise alongside empirical research, the book argues for a broader cultural shift in the way we understand teaching and teacher professionalism.
TeachVac Report: The Labour Market for Teachers in England January to July 2022 A period of unprecedented turmoil
The latest report from TeachVac from Professor John Howson, Chair, TeachVac.
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (July 22)
The latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
ICET Report 2022
Report of the 2022 World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching, held at Bath Spa University on 21-23 June 2022
UCET Forums and Committee Dates 2022-2023
The UCET Forum and Committee dates for academic year 2022-2023.
UCET Summer 2022 newsletter
A copy of the UCET Summer newsletter is below and attached.
DfE: Get into Teaching brochure (June 2022)
The classroom needs you! Continue your engineering and materials science career by getting into the classroom and use your skills and passion to inspire the next generation.
Experiences of Imposter Syndrome: participants request
Corrina Richards is a doctoral research student at the University of East London researching the phenomenon of 'imposter syndrome' for teacher educators in ITE and is looking to hear about any experiences. Please see the attached poster and information leaflet if you would like to participate in this research project.
ITT: How to apply to become an accredited provider (Round 2 guidance - May 2022)
Round 2 guidance for organisations seeking accreditation to deliver ITT from the 2024 to 2025 academic year 23 May 2022
DfE: NPQs updated guidance and information
Recents updates and information on NPQs from the DfE.
Attachment Research Community: membership offer
For many Virtual Heads and EP services, developing the capacity of schools to meet the needs of their children is a key issue, on a national level. Many have used ARC membership as their starting point and a means of connecting local practice to a national agenda focused on children’s mental health and well being. With many schools going the extra mile and developing best practices, making a huge difference to children’s lives and futures, ARC has extended its membership offer. This newly developed offer now includes a bespoke self assessment tool in the ARC Matrix, a development plan framework and audit resource and an ARC Pathway model, specifically designed to support school settings, to begin and continue their journey to becoming attachment and trauma aware; as well as align with Ofsted criteria.
Information for ITE students wishing to register to teach in Northern Ireland
A new NISTR solution will be launching for the new academic year 2022/23 for the benefit of all substitute teachers and school users. This innovative system is currently in development through the Education Information Solutions (EdIS) programme. It is vital that you are registered and that your details are up to date on the current system. All users will be automatically transferred to the new system ahead of the new school year.
Diversity Days Everyday
Clare Francis-Slater is an experienced Primary school teacher, who teaches widely in the Derbyshire area, specialising in the early years. She is the founder of her own educational organisation that runs CPD sessions for whole staff teams in schools/online to raise awareness of the importance of providing as racially inclusive experience as possible for all children at school.  This has been driven largely by Clare reflecting on her own personal experience of growing up in the British education system.  She has also become a recent associate lecturer at The University of Derby.
UK Feminista’s training and resources on tackling sexism and sexual harassment in schools
UK Feminista provides training and resources to support schools to combat sexism - including sexual harassment, sexist language and gender stereotyping. UK Feminista’s resources have been recommended by Ofsted in its 'Schools and early education update: September 2021'.
TEAN Conference (final call) 'Talking Points' NEW Call for Registrations
The 2022 TEAN Conference event will be held on Thursday 05 and Friday 06 May 2022. Following the popularity of our discussion 'TEAN Talking' webinars, it has been suggested that we add a new dimension to this year's conference and are welcoming abstracts for current research and innovative practice hot topics as 'Talking Points' for discussion!
ICET: 64th World Assembly (Bath Spa University), 21-23rd June 2022 - 1st announcement and Call for Papers
Details of this year's International Council for the Education of Teachers, 64th World Assembly, hosted by Bath Spa University, 21st-23rd June.
UCET Gordon Kirk Travel Scholarships 2022
Details of the UCET Gordon Kirk Travel Scholarships for 2022.
UCET Letter to Robin Walker, MP (December 2021)
A letter from UCET to the Rt. Hon. Robin Walker, MP, on the current pressures facing the ITE sector.
Preliminary UCET response to the government’s response to the ITE Market Review consultation
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (November 21)
This month's teacher recruitment bulletin from the DfE.
OfSTED: Response to Internal Review of FOI
A response by Ofsted after UCET asked to conduct an internal review of the response it had made to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request.
OfSTED: Freedom of Information request response (October 2021)
A response from OfSTED to recent Freedom of Information (FOI) requests by UCET.
DfE: Financial incentives for ITT courses starting in 2022/2023 (October 21)
Information from the DfE on the financial incentives for ITT courses starting in 2022/23.
OfSTED Inspections of ITE: a briefing paper for UCET members
The purpose of this paper is to brief UCET members and others about the reported conduct and emerging outcomes of the OfSTED inspections of ITE provision that have been taking place since the Spring of 2021 and to make suggestions for ITE providers on the handling of these inspections.