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Promoting Quality in Teacher Education


Letter to Nadhim Zahawi, Secretary of State for Education, MP
A copy of the letter by UCET, NASBTT, MillionPlus and UniversitiesUK (GuildHE) to the new Secretary of State for Education, Nadhim Zahawi, MP on the DfE's ITT Market Review
SKE course package announcement for 2022
Details of the SKE package for the 2021/22 academic year, including the Course Directory Form to complete by 30 September 2021.
Head of School of Education, University of Sunderland
The School of Education, University of Sunderland, are looking to appoint a new Head of School in September 2021.
International Trainee Teachers update (September 2021)
An update from the DfE on developments for international trainee teachers.
BERA Review of Education article
A new article from the Review of Education journal (BERA) on 'The structure and processes governing educational research in the UK from 1990-2020: a systematic scoping review'.
BERA September 2021 newsletter
The BERA September newsletter, including the response to the ITT Market Review
Emeritus Professor Philip Gammage (1936-2021)
A tribute to Emeritus Professor Philip Gammage, from his partner Kathy Terrell. Professor Gammage, the former Dean of Education at Nottingham University, has sadly passed away.
Major teaching reforms in England will erode the intellectual basis of teacher education
An article in the online journal, The Conversation, by Keither Parker and Professor Matthew Clarke (Yorks St. John University) on the DfE's ITE Market Review proposals and their impact on the intellectual basis of the profession.
History Teacher Educators Network (HTEN) response to the ITE Market Review consultation
A response to the ITE Market Review by the History Teachers Educators Network
UCET Press Notice: the DfE Market Review proposals (22nd July 2021)
UCET press notice on the DfE's Market Review proposals, which is published today. The full text of the press notice is available below and a copy attached.
UCET Market Review Response (July 2021)
UCET's response to the DfE's Market Review proposals. The Executive Summary and full response is attached as a PDF.
DfE: ITT 2021/22 Trainee Placements Questionnaire
A short questionnaire to help the DfE evaluate whether there are currently enough placements for the upcoming cycle.
UCET Blog: Disjointed, un-costed and undeliverable: the DfE’s proposals for the reform of the ITE Market (July 5th)
JNR's blog in response to the publication of the DfE's Market Review today (5th July).
Postgraduate fee-funded PE (courses without a salary) and undergraduate teacher training courses for the 2022 to 2023 academic year
The window for requesting early years initial teacher training (EYITT) allocations for the 2022 to 2023 academic year has been extended to Friday 30 July 2021. We are exploring how to further support the role of EYITT in children’s recovery from the impacts of COVID and will provide an update on the 2022 to 2023 academic year in July.
FliTE Summer Newsletter
News and additional resources for you to enhance your practice as a teacher educator and to help you lead the professional learning and development of others.
DfE Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (June 2021)
The June edition of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (TRB) from the Department for Education (DfE).
UCET Summer 2021 Newsletter
The UCET Summer 2021 newsletter is now available to read below.
DfE: COVID-19 ITT course extension funding manual
A request to submit claims for any trainees who will be continuing their training in Autumn 2021 as a result of not having had sufficient opportunity to evidence adequate progress towards the Teachers' Standards due to COVID-19 disruption to the course. Please see the attached claim form.
Initial Teacher Education in England A briefing note for MATs, Teaching School Hubs and individual schools
The purpose of this paper is to: • Explain the current organisational and regulatory structures of initial teacher education (ITE) in England • Consider the implications of the DfE’s Market Review of ITT • Articulate the particular contribution that the higher-education (HE) sector makes to teacher education • Identify ways in which higher education institutions can support MATs, teaching school hubs and others in regard to teacher education.
ITE Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)
The IDSR is a PDF document showing data for Ofsted inspectors to use when preparing for and during inspection. The IDSR is designed to align with the Initial teacher education (ITE) inspection framework and handbook and to provide inspectors with insights into data published by DfE and collected by Ofsted.
Becoming a Teacher update (June 2021)
DfE: Early Career Framework reforms update (June 2021)
Statutory Induction is changing After a challenging year for trainees, it is more important than ever new teachers receive the best possible support at the start of their careers. The Early Career Framework ECF reforms are designed to ensure that early career teachers develop the skills and confidence they need. If your school offers statutory induction, you will need to replace your current induction process with this new funded programme of professional development and support.
DfE Invitation: the testing of the new 'Register trainee teachers' service
A call to test out the new 'register trainee teachers' service from the DfE, particularly for those with disabilities. Please see the details below and the attachment.
Diverse Educators: 'Dear Secretary of State'
Context: Since July 2020, we have held a quarterly Diversity Roundtable with national stakeholders invested in, and committed to, a system-wide strategy for collaborating on a DEI strategy in our schools. We collectively wrote to the DfE, the SoS, the NSC and the Equalities Team on March 1st. We are yet to receive an acknowledgement to our concerns. We have agreed to publish the letter as an open source, in the hope that we can move this conversation forwards.
UCET Forums and Committees: Dates for 2021 - 2022
The UCET Forum and Committee dates for AY2021-2022 are available below. Please see the attachment as well.
DfE ITT criteria update
Please note below an update to the ITT criteria advice issued by DfE.
Attachment Research Community: Attachment and Trauma Awareness - teaching, learning and emotional wellbeing in schools
The past year has seen a heightened focus on issues of teaching, learning and support for pupils, teachers and parents/carers in schools, following the Covid pandemic. This document lays out the recommendations and rationale of the signatory organisations for policymaking in England to support recovery and build resilience for all members of the school community, and especially the most vulnerable, in order to improve performance, mental health and wellbeing and to narrow attainment gaps.
Research on Creativity and Creative Arts in Primary ITT
Researchers in the School of Education, the University of Nottingham are looking for Primary ITT course directors and creative art specialists to contribute to their project of arts and creativity teaching in ITT.
NFER: Teacher Labour Market in England Report 2021 Launch: webinar and presentation
This event featured a range of insightful contributions from our expert panel and the questions from participants enabled an interesting discussion of these important issues affecting teachers.
DfE: Early Career Framework Reforms: Statutory Induction Guidance and Appropriate Body Guidance Update (25th March 2021)
Changes to the statutory induction arrangements. The revised statutory guidance underpinning induction comes into force from September 2021. It has been significantly updated since the previous version (issued April 2018).
DfE: Induction for Early Career Teachers
Statutory guidance for appropriate bodies, headteachers, school staff and governing bodies Revised March 2021; to come into force on 1 September 2021
Core Content Framework exemplification resources
This document has been produced ‘by the sector’ and ‘for the sector.’ It provides a selection of exemplification resources related to the CCF. It is designed as an introductory document for providers to use with their trainees and the colleagues who provide them with expert mentoring and support. It provides links to readily available resources which support each of the ‘learn how to’ emboldened statements in the ITT Core Content Framework (CCF). Each emboldened statement is set out under the relevant section of the Teachers’ Standards, following the CCF layout. Some of the resources are applicable to more than one of the Teachers’ Standards.
Teach Best website and Twitter link
The new Teach Best website and Twitter link. These form part of our campaign in respect of the review of the ITT market. Please engage with the website and twitter link and share with your contacts. Many thanks to those of you who supplied case studies and logos UCET
FE ITE bursaries and grants programme 2020/21: application window open
The application window for the 2020/2021 FE ITE bursaries and grants programme is now open.
A slap in the face? The English government's plans for initial teacher education
The full text of James Noble-Rogers' speech to the Westminster Education Forum (23 February 2021) is available to read below.
DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (February 2021)
The latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
UCET press notice on the ITE Market Review (26th January 2021)
Please see the attached press notice about the market review which has been issued today.
DfE: Eligibility for SKE (Jan 2021)
The latest information from the DfE on the eligibility for SKE. In December 2020 the Department confirmed, as part of the SKE package for academic year 20/21, that ITT candidates who have a degree in their chosen ITT subject awarded in the previous 5 years are not eligible for SKE. These candidates should have the required level of subject knowledge, or be able to top up their knowledge, without a DfE funded SKE course.
OfSTED: ITE Update newsletter (Jan 2021)
January 2021 update from OfSTED.
DfE: SKE funding packages for AY2020/21
The DfE's announcement on SKE funding for 2020/2021.
Teacher Recruitment Bulletin - November edition
The latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE.
DfE: Guidance on remote lesson observations and travel to/from placements (19 Oct 2020)
Please note this is guidance issued by the DfE. The DfE have, at the suggestion of UCET and NASBTT, pulled together some existing guidance on GOV.UK that you may find useful as they discuss carrying out lesson observations or moderation remotely.
DfE: New student visa route open for applications (6th October)
The new Student visa route, which falls under the UK’s new points-based immigration system, is now open for applications. This route is open to all international students (i.e. trainees on unsalaried ITT courses), including those from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.
DfE Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (July 2020)
ITT Recruitment 1) Guidance Updates for all ITT Partnerships 2) Summer Recruitment Service 3) Important Changes to the Professional Skills Tests 4) Changes to the Database of Trainee Teachers and Providers (DTTP) and July updates Support available 5) Associate support for accredited ITT providers 6) COVID-19 ITT course extension funding 7) Teaching Vacancies Service Programme Updates 8) Now Teach Network & Programme Update 9) Cognition Education Programme Update 10) Maths and physics chairs programme – trainees available for September 2020 11) Future Teaching Scholars: an opportunity to fill maths and physics vacancies. 12) Recruit International Teachers for STEM and MFL 13) Extra support for school early career teachers 14) Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) courses ITT 2021 15) Preparing for the DfE Apply for Teacher Training service
NFER Report - Teacher Labour Market
NFER’s annual Teacher Labour Market report series, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, aims to monitor the progress the school system is making towards meeting the teacher supply challenge by measuring the key indicators and trends of teacher supply and working conditions. This second annual report presents data from a range of sources, which together highlight the trends that describe the teacher supply situation, up to 2018/19.