The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers

The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers acts as a national forum for the discussion of matters relating to the education of teachers and professional educators, and to the study of education in the university sector and contributes to the formulation of policy in these fields. Its members are UK universities involved in teacher education, and a number of colleges of higher education in the university sector.

Our Vision

High educational and personal achievement for all learners through excellence in teacher education.

Our Mission

To act as an independent and authoritative voice on teacher education while supporting the quality, sustainability and professionalism of teacher education by encouraging cohesive partnerships, engaging constructively with stakeholders and drawing on research from across the UK and internationally.

Latest News

  • DfE: Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (November 2018)


    The latest copy of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin from the DfE can be accessed here.…

  • DfE: TSM data 2019/2020


    The DFE has today published details of its Teacher Supply Model forecast of the number of new ITE students required in 2019/20, alongside details of ITE allocations to programmes where recruitment is capped (undergraduate, secondary PE and EYTT). …

  • ‘Becoming a Teacher Educator’: advance notice


    A three part workshop for new Teacher Educators, Integrated with a conference on Teacher Education at The 10th TEAN Conference 9th and 10th May 2019, Teacher Education Advancement Network, Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham.…

Promoting high standards in the education and professional development of teachers

The Universities Council for the Education of Teachers


Have you experienced any changes in trainee behaviour as a direct result of the removal of the ability to set school experience as an entry requirement?

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