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How we use cookies

Like many others, the UCET website makes use of cookies. This page explains what cookies are, how they are used on this site.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by a website to your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome or Safari). They can contain data which allows your browser to be distinguished from those of other visitors.

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How cookies are used on

We use cookies named JESSIONID and SESSIONCOOKIESSET to allow our members to log into their accounts so that the site can identify them as they move from page to page. These cookies do not collect any data and are deleted by your browser when it is closed.

If you choose to stay logged into your account for longer than your current browser session, then a further secure cookie containing an identifying token is set to allow this. No other data is collected and the cookie will be deleted once it expires or you choose to log out.

Please note that since these cookies are purely functional and there is no tracking, consent is not required.