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UCET Key Documents



DBS Guidance_UCET and NASBTT (updated March 2019)

Workload Report Companion_Greer&Daly_Feb2019

Press Release: DfE Recruitment and Retention strategy_Jan 19

Building research informed teacher education communities_Jan 19

JNR Presentation on UCET Strategy to Management Forum (4th Dec 2018)

Current Policy Landscape_JNR

UCET Forum Dates 2018/19

UCET-NASBTT FAQs: Level 6 QTS Apprenticeships (Nov 2017)

UCET Response to QTS Consultation Response



DFE Documents and Links


Fee funding for part time courses_2019/2020 (March 2019)

ITT providers: criteria and supporting advice (last updated: 21 Jan 2019)

UCAS Teacher Training Admissions Guide (Jan 2019)

New Recruitment and Retention Strategy_(Jan2019)

Early Career Framework (Jan 2019)


Guide to decision and offer-making for UCAS


SKE_Providers Roundtable Discussion note

DfE guidance on ITT self evaluation documentation and improvement planning

ITE Bursaries and SKE guidance (Mar 2018)

Teacher Workload Reduction Service_Michael Green (Mar 2018)

Provider level analysis: teacher supply, mobility and retention (Mar 2018)

Internet Safety Consultation Strategy Green Paper (Mar 2018)

Workload Toolkit Consultation Memo (Jan 2018)

Workload Toolkit Consultation Memo DfE QTS Consultation: Breakout Session Slides (Jan 2018)

Prompts for ITE providers to monitor the content of their programmes in the light of the Carter Review and the ITE content framework




Training and Assessment Toolkit (Third Edition, December 2017)

Training & Assessment Toolkit_at a glance

Evidence Bundles for Tracking Progress _Supporting Guidance (December 2017)





Inspecting ITE guidance: revised handbook (September 2018)

OFSTED Letter to ITE Partnerships  April 2018

Letter to ITE Partnerships_Jan 2018

ITT Census_2017-to-2018




BMSD Advice for Schools 2018: brief guidance to support schools and parents in meeting the needs of young Muslim people

NFER report (overview)_TeacherDynamicsinEngland_Nov18

NFER report_teacher_workforce_dynamics_in_England_2018

ITT Census Collection 2018_guidance for TTP

ITT External Examiner Review Checklist


UCET Travel Scholarship – Winners’ Reports


Catherine Manning_(2019)

Jennifer Jeffes (2018)

Alison Hardy_(2017)

PennyLawrence (2016)