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UKLA: Primary English in Initial Teacher Education day – 22nd February 2019 London

Exploring tensions between principles and practice

07 Dec
By Shajna Ali
UKLA: Primary English in Initial Teacher Education 2019 Those who work in Primary English in Teacher Education need ways to share, develop and innovate practice and collaborate with each other in research and development projects. This forum, convened by the United Kingdom Literacy Association ITE Special Interest Group, aims to address this need.
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DfE: TSM data 2019/2020

25 Oct
By m.fincher
The DFE has today published details of its Teacher Supply Model forecast of the number of new ITE students required in 2019/20, alongside details of ITE allocations to programmes where recruitment is capped (undergraduate, secondary PE and EYTT).  The headline figures are that 864 additional postgraduate ITE students need to be recruited compared to the 2018/19 TSM. The figures for primary are +451 (4%) and 413 secondary (+2%). 
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Bursary Funding for ITE 2019/2020

28 Sep
By m.fincher
To access information about bursary funding for ITE in 2019/20: The key figures can be found in the table below.   Eligibility 2019/2020 1 Scholarships 3 Bursaries Trainee with 1st, 2:1, 2:2, PhD or Master’s Physics £28,000 £26,000 Chemistry £28,000 £26,000 Languages 4 £28,000 5 £26,000 Computing £28,000 £26,000 Geography £28,000 £26,000 Biology – £26,000 Classics 6 – £26,000 English – £15,000 D&T, History – £12,000 Music, RE – £9,000 Primary with maths 7 – £6,000