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DFE: ‘Becoming a Teacher’ digital services

14 Feb
By m.fincher

Please see the announcement from the DFE below, which is an update to the latest Teacher Recruitment Bulletin:

‘The teacher recruitment and retention strategy announced that we would make it easier for great people to become teachers. We will be introducing new digital systems that will be easier to use and designed to better meet the needs of potential trainees.

The first of our services, Find Postgraduate Teacher Training, launched in October 2018. This enables applicants to search for ITT courses that are right for them through, for example, filtering courses by proximity to their home address or by the financial support available.

Now, we are pleased to be starting development of a new application service forĀ ITT. We will work closely with candidates, teacher training providers and UCAS to carefully introduce this new service. We would very much appreciate your input throughout its development.

Providers who wish to get involved, please email

Updates will be provided via our regular communication channels and a range of engagement meetings’.