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DFE Letter to UCET: Proposal and Consultation on QTS

15 Dec
By m.fincher

DfE QTS Consultation_Letter to UCET_15.12.2017

The link below is to the whole consultation document from DFE on proposals to strengthen QTS:


These changes will impact on those recruited to ITE programmes from September 2019. Please see the reference in the letter about wording that might be included in prospectuses.

The detail of what is proposed is still being examined. A sub group of the Executive Committee will take forward the drafting of a detailed response following discussion at UCET forums and groups. The deadline for consultation responses is 9 March 2018.

Key points in the consultation include:

  • The strength of current ITE provision is explicitly recognised.
  • QTS will be awarded after two years in the classroom, during which time new teachers will have access to an early career content framework for QTS and stronger mentoring support
  • Teachers successfully completing ITE will be awarded ‘QTS (provisional)’, and will have the same employment rates as current NQTs
    The statutory induction period will be extended to two years, with views invited on whether the 10% reduction in the teaching timetable should extend into the second year
  • The structured early career content framework will be designed with the profession, including ITE providers
  • The early career content framework will include both optional and mandatory components. Areas to be covered might include: subject & curriculum knowledge; evidence based pedagogy; use of and engagement with evidence; behaviour management; use and understanding of assessment; and SEND.
  • Views are invited on whether ITE providers should be able to act as appropriate bodies for the award of QTS
  • DFE would like to encourage teachers to build on Master’s level credits (e.g. from ITE or the new early career curriculum) to complete a full Masters.
  • Consideration to be given to an explicit CPD entitlement for teachers, and to a personal CPD record for teachers
  • Options to remove barriers to teachers taking sabbaticals will be investigated, including the benefits of setting up a sabbatical fund.