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NASBTT Learn: the online CPD learning platform for trainee teachers and ECTs

22 February 2024

Following the launch of NASBTT’s Mentor Development Modules, NASBTT Learn, the online CPD learning platform for trainee teachers and ECTs is getting an upgrade. As well as our range of popular training courses NASBTT is adding 24 new learning modules that map to the CCF.

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Key features

Expanded content - New learning modules examine key theories, explore classroom techniques putting knowledge into practice through scenarios and support for ITAP.

Aligned with the CCF - This set of modules is closely aligned to the CCF, addressing the key competencies and skills required for effective teaching.

Evidence base incorporation - Summaries of the evidence base in each new module offer trainees insight into up-to-date research and best practices underpinning the theory.

Curriculum integration - Modular format allows seamless integration of courses alongside your curriculum or to support trainees remotely when needed.

Easy tracking - The system provides the evidence you need to monitor trainee learning and meet Ofsted and Department for Education quality assurance.

Bespoke apps and branding - Incorporate your own branding with custom app set (Android, iOS and web).

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Introduction to teaching

New for April 2024

This update will also include a new Introduction to Teaching programme. This course provides trainees with an introduction to the profession in preparation for their first weeks in school. A trainee’s first half-term is demanding, and these five modules enable them to prepare effectively and gain confidence for the challenges and workload ahead.

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