Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

DfE: New ITT criteria 2024/2025 (February 2024)

16 February 2024

The full criteria and supporting advice can be found here: Initial teacher training (ITT): criteria and supporting advice - GOV.UK (

Some changes include:

  • Fee charging arrangements (p.6f) – changed to reflect that DfE now sets fees for all postgraduate ITT, rather than fees for Office for Students (OfS) registered providers being set by existing Fee Limit Regulations (2018) – as previously notified.
  • Degree criteria (p.11) – update to footnote
  • Other background checks (p.17) – update to description of links for documents
  • Recruitment practices (p.19) – removal of reference to suitability checks, for clarity
  • ITAP (p.24) – clarification on ITAP in placement schools
  • C2.5 Mentoring (pp.31-33) – changes to emphasise flexibility to reduce mentor training hours to account for prior learning, including additional footnote on minimum time allocations table
  • C2.6 Assessment (p.33) – change to title of section
  • All hyperlinks in the document have been checked – expired/broken hyperlinks have been replaced or updated.