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DfE: managing international applications Q&A

12 February 2024

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to delivering initial teacher training. Compared to last year, this recruitment cycle we’ve seen:

· more applications to all subjects

· an increase in secondary offers and acceptances

· providers responding more quickly to applications

We’re aware that the volume of applications from international candidates has also increased, and that this has placed strain on some providers. We’re grateful for your efforts to respond quickly and thoroughly to applications despite this increase.

We’ve delivered a number of interventions to help you manage applications and we’re exploring further measures.

For example, we’ve introduced measures to:

· prevent candidates who need visa sponsorship from applying to courses that do not offer sponsorship

· stop candidates applying to more than 15 courses each recruitment cycle

· stop candidates applying again to the same course more than 2 times

· encourage candidates to review their application more thoroughly

We’re also engaging with providers and candidates to assess the viability of other options, such as:

· encouraging international candidates to submit an ENIC number before they apply

· improving the way you can filter applications

· making the costs of initial teacher training clearer for candidates

See our responses to providers’ questions about the volume of applications from international candidates

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