Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

DfE: the new CCF and ECF (January 2024)

30 January 2024

UCET's official statement on the new ECF and CCF framework and a new blog from Professor Clare Brooks at Cambridge University which is being posted on the UCET website for information without comment.

We think that any framework for ITE and CPD programmes should be developed by relevant professionals from across the education sector rather than being imposed by government. A useful starting point for this would be the principles outlined in UCET's Intellectual Base of Teacher Education report*. We have no particular issue with the revisions made to the CCF and the ECF in the latest DfE document, and in fact welcome some changes such as the strengthening of references to research literacy. But we would have liked to have seen a different framework developed by a wider range of professionals with a different set of underpinning principles'. *