Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

The impact of training bursaries on teacher recruitment and retention: An evaluation of impact and value for money (by Dawson McLean, Sarah Tang and Jack Worth)

10 November 2023

The key findings of this report are:

  • Teachers who are induced to enter the profession due to bursary increases have a sustained impact on long-term supply as they are just as likely to stay in teaching.
  • The additional teachers are more likely to teach in schools that tend to struggle most with filling vacancies, such as schools in London and schools serving disadvantaged communities.
  • Bursaries offer good cost effectiveness compared to other targeted policy measures such as early career payments, especially where the existing bursary for a subject is low. Increasing bursaries to boost teacher numbers is therefore cost effective where bursaries for a subject are currently low and current high bursaries for shortage subjects, such as physics, are also effective and should be retained.

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Jack Worth, NFER