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Flexible ITT Delivery Network

26 October 2023

Flexible ITT Delivery Network

We are excited to introduce the Flexible ITT Delivery Network, an initiative designed to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support among diverse ITT providers.

The Flexible ITT Delivery Network’s Vision:

Our aim is to create a series of engaging talks centred around various forms of flexibility that promote trainee recruitment and retention. We want to provide a platform for providers to discuss their experiences, best practices, and innovative solutions for offering flexibility. This includes overcoming operational challenges, navigating market and regulatory conditions, and assessing the impact of offering flexibility.

Introductory Webinar:

As part of the Flexible ITT Delivery Network launch, we are organising an introductory webinar titled “Introducing the Flexible ITT Delivery Network”.

How to Get Involved:

If you are interested in sharing your insight and being a part of this exciting initiative and conversation, please write to with the subject Flexible ITT Delivery Network letting us know:

· If you’re interested and available to contribute the webinar on Wednesday 29 November at 3:45pm, and/or at a future session. We are ideally looking for providers to spend 5-10 minutes giving a taster of the current flexibilities that they offer.

· What sort(s) of flexibility you offer (e.g. part-time study, multiple start dates, remote learning options, accommodation for trainees with a range of disabilities, health conditions, or neurotypes, ways to help make ITT affordable, ways to help trainees secure jobs, ways to support trainees with care responsibilities, or any others).

· Whether you are interested in establishing or expanding your flexible offering and would like to be part of this network.

Kindly let us know of your interest and availability before Friday 3 November.