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UCET Forum and Committee Dates for AY2023-2024

22 June 2023

UCET Forum and Committee dates: 2023-2024

Autumn Term

Executive Committee 26th September
Northern Ireland Committee 3rd October
Research and International Forum 10th October
School Reference Group 18th October
USCET Cymru Committee 19th October
Post 16 Forum 27th October

Continuing Professional Development Forum8th November
UCET Annual Conference: 14th -15th November
Primary and Early Years Forum 21st November
Secondary Forum 28th November
Management Forum 5th December
Executive Committee 12th December

Spring Term

Northern Ireland Committee 9th January
Research and International Forum 16th January
School Reference Group 24th January
USCET Cymru Committee 25th January
Post 16 Forum 26th January

Continuing Professional Development Forum14th February
Primary and Early Years Forum 20th February
Secondary Forum 27th February
Management Forum 5th March
Executive Committee 12th March

Summer Term

Executive Committee TBC
Northern Ireland Committee 30th April
Research and International Forum 7th May
School Reference Group 15th May
USCET Cymru Committee 16th May
Post 16 Forum 17th May

Continuing Professional Development Forum5th June
Primary and Early Years Forum 11th June
Secondary Forum 18th June
Management Forum 25th June
Executive Committee 27th June - Thursday