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NASBTT: Subject Development Resources sessions 2023-2024

15 June 2023

On Tuesday, 13th June 2023 NASBTT held an Espresso Event – Subject Development Resources taster session for NASBTT and UCET Members.

If you missed the session and are interested in finding out more about NASBTT’s Subject Development Resources and how they can support and develop trainees subject knowledge, you can access a recording of the Espresso Shot Networking Event here.

Each subject will focus on these key areas of teacher practice through the lens of their subject allowing trainees to develop subject specific knowledge and supporting them to develop an understanding of the nuance of their subject.

Providers can decide how to utilise the videos to maximum effect within and across their training programmes.

The new Subject Development Videos will focus on the following areas:

  • An introduction to the Subject
  • Adaptive Teaching
  • Anticipating Common Misconceptions in the Subject Area
  • Memory and Metacognition
  • Ongoing Subject Knowledge Development and Self-Efficacy

In addition to the suite of resources, we have an exciting calendar of live sessions planned on key foci.

View the planned Live Sessions


Costs for 2023-2024 are on a per trainee basis.

NASBTT: £12.50 per trainee

Non-members: £25.00 per trainee

All registered providers will receive five free staff accounts. Additional staff accounts are charged at the relevant per trainee cost.

The Mentors of registered trainees will be provided with free access to the Trainee and Early Career Teacher Hub to support their trainees’ development.


To register for NASBTT’s Trainee and Early Career Teacher Hub, please complete the Registration Form.

More information on our Subject Development Resources can be found here.