Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

ITAP: summary of subjects (March 2023)


Many thanks to those of you who have responded to our request for information about ITAP subjects areas. A summary of results is below, anonymised. This will be updated as and when required.

Issues to be covered in ITAP and feedback from DfE Associates

Institution 1

· Routines and proactive behaviour management,

· SSP as part of Early Reading

· Inclusion & scaffolding

· Questioning & feedback

Institution 2

· How Pupils Learn

· Managing Behaviour for Pupil Learning

· Promoting progression through Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

· Assessing Learning

· Embedding and Enhancing Knowledge

Institution 3

Establishing a positive classroom climate

Explicit teacher models

Questioning to establish and respond to what pupils know

Ensuring pupils have meaningful learning opportunities over time

Institution 4

· Behaviour management and addressing challenging situations to ensure all pupils are able to learn

· Subject knowledge for teaching to ensure all pupils can make progress

This has been talked through with our associate and they are happy with it. We also rehearsed with them that there would be no practising in high stakes environments within our ITPs, this would happen in carefully structured follow-up activities within the student's placement school. Again this raised no concerns.

Institution 5

Institution 6

(for both UG Primary and PGCE Primary)

· Managing Behaviour


· Adaptive Teaching – misconceptions;

· Adaptive teaching – SEN/D; Assessment

Institution 7

For secondary:

1 – explanations and modelling

2 – Questioning

3 – Talk for learning

4 – Interacting with feedback.

For primary:

1 – Behaviour (routines)

2 – Phonics

3 – Retrieval

4 – Modelling

Institution 8

For primary (UG):

Y1 – 1) Professional Behaviours, 2) Behaviour Management, 3) Curriculum (Subject knowledge)

Y2 – 4) Inclusion

Y3 – customised ITaP experience based on trainees progress and identified training needs

For secondary:

· Behaviour management

· Subject pedagogical knowledge

· Literacy/Oracy/Eal

· Assessment - questioning.

Institution 9

· Adaptive teaching (focussing on SEND and EAL learners) in the mid stage of the course.

· Literacy (Foundation phase for primary focussing on early reading, broader literacy focus with initial input (to include SSP) in the foundation phase for secondary, revisited prior to the final assessment with a school improvement focus)