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Teacher Development Ofsted Update

17 January 2023

Welcome to the first edition of the Teacher Development Ofsted Update for 2023. We hope you enjoyed a welcomed break over the festive period.

Spotlight on: Ofsted Code of Conduct

The Ofsted Code of Conduct accompanies the handbook and framework for all sectors inspected by Ofsted. It outlines the expectations we have both for inspectors and providers during inspection. We strengthened this guidance on 1 September. On inspection, inspectors will explain these expectations and ask providers to read the code of conduct which you can find here.

ECF and NPQ update

Full inspections

Full inspections for ECF and NPQ will begin this term.

During December, we ran a series of webinars for delivery partners, ECTs, NPQ participants, school leaders, facilitators, mentors and trainers to share information with the sector about what to expect during these inspections. If you missed these webinars and would like to find out more, please email ECFNPQ@ofsted.gov.uk to request the webinar recordings.

ITE update

Inspection reports and apprenticeships

There are many routes into teaching that are within scope of an ITE inspection, including the Level 6 teacher apprenticeship standard and the Level 5 learning and skills teacher apprenticeship standard. Where providers deliver these apprenticeships, we have updated our inspection report template so it will now detail whether the provider is meeting the principles and requirements of apprenticeship provision.

Teacher Development update

Post-inspection survey

At the end of an inspection, we ask providers for feedback through a post-inspection survey. This is sent to providers after the inspection via the final report cover letter.

It is an opportunity for providers to give feedback on the inspection process and the responses help inform our practice. However, currently, not many teacher development providers complete the survey. We strongly encourage all providers to fill in the post-inspection survey, so that we can consider your opinions on the process.

Our next Teacher Development Ofsted Update will be published after Easter 2023.

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