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Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

National Association of Primary Education: the Rosemary Evans Bequest Award

11 November 2021

Are you an early years or primary teacher in the first five years of teaching? (QTS gained
since June 2016)?Are you keen to reflect on your professional development as a classroom practitioner?
Are you keen to get something published in an educational journal and add it to your CV?

If so, we hope you will be interested in the Rosemary Evans Bequest Award to be given on an annual basis to the best article received for publication in Primary First from a teacher (who qualified within the last five years).

The award is for £400 and EITHER the theme can be selected from one of the following:

• The highlights and challenges of taking on your own class
• What do you see as the key principles and/or values which inform your approach to
learning and teaching?
• How can teacher retention be improved?
• The global teacher for the 21st century.

OR you can identify your own issue for exploration which draws directly on your experience of teaching in the classroom and your developing professional awareness as a primary practitioner. This could, for example, relate to an area of responsibility you are taking on or might be linked to a masters level unit or might simply be an issue about which you feel passionate.

The article should be between 1500 and 2000 words and you are encouraged to select your own focus and title, irrespective of whether you select one of the above themes or opt for something different. The article should both critically explore aspects of your own experience and identity as a member of the profession and be informed, if and where appropriate, by relevant literature.

The final date for submission for this academic year is
1 August 2022.

It is to be submitted electronically in PDF format to Robert Young, NAPE General Secretary at rmyoung1942@yahoo.co.uk. The Primary First Editorial Board will judge the submissions and it is anticipated that more than one submission may well be considered for inclusion in the journal, although not necessarily in receipt of the Award itself.
Further details about the Award can be requested from Robert Young.