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OfSTED: Freedom of Information request response (October 2021)

22 October 2021

The response is also attached as a PDF.below.

Dear Mr Noble-Rogers
Your request for information
Thank you for your email of 24 September 2021 in which you requested the
following information:
“an itemised breakdown, in percentage terms, of answers received to the
following question from OfSTED’s on-line questionnaire of initial teacher
training(ITT) students: ‘I am confident the training programme will make me
a good or better teacher’. The data should relate to the sector as a whole
rather than to individual providers, and should cover responses made to date
in 2021.”
We have dealt with your request in accordance with the Freedom of Information
(FOI) Act 2000.
The first requirement of the Act is that we should confirm whether we hold
information of the description set out in your request.
Under the FOI Act, we must provide you with all the information we hold which falls
within the scope of your request, unless it is ‘exempt’ information.
I can confirm we hold a percentage breakdown of the responses from the online
trainee questionnaire from 2021. Please note that we only received 8,503 responses
out of the approximately 56,000 trainees we have on our record. This equates to
15% of the total number of trainees. Below is the breakdown of those responses:
Strongly agree: 64%
Agree: 32%
Neither agree nor disagree: 3%
Disagree: 1%
Strongly disagree: 1%
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Temple Quay
T 0300 123 1231
Textphone 0161 618 8524
I trust that this letter clearly explains our position. If you have any queries about our
response, please contact me at 0300 0131 108 and I will do my best to address
If you are dissatisfied with our response or the handling of your request, you may
request a formal internal review. Details of how to do this are set out in Annex A at
the end of this letter.
Yours sincerely,
Kerry McTear
Information Access Officer
Information Rights and Access Team
Annex A - Next steps
If you are dissatisfied with our response or the handling of your request, you may
request a formal internal review. To do this, please write to the following address,
setting out the area(s) of the response you are unhappy with:
Email: Richard McGowan at: informationrequest@ofsted.gov.uk
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to
apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision as to whether we have
complied with our obligations under the FOI Act with respect to your request. The
Information Commissioner can be contacted at: https://ico.org.uk/global/contact-us