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DfE: Financial incentives for ITT courses starting in 2022/2023 (October 21)

12 October 2021

We have now announced the financial incentives for ITT courses starting in 2022/23.

Full details are available here:

We are offering tax-free bursaries of £24,000 in chemistry, computing, mathematics, and physics. Scholarships worth £26,000 tax-free will be offered in partnership with professional bodies for chemistry, computing, mathematics, and physics.

We are also offering a £15,000 tax-free bursary in design & technology, geography, and languages, including ancient languages, and a £10,000 tax-free bursary for biology trainees.

Schools offering School Direct (salaried) or the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship routes will continue to be able to access funding equivalent to the bursary amount.

Information about bursaries and scholarships will be added automatically to your published course pages for the relevant subjects.

ITT2022 is now open

Candidates can now only apply to postgraduate ITT courses for academic year 2022/23 through the DfE’s Apply for teacher training here: https://www.gov.uk/apply-for-teacher-training

Please ensure your course pages are published and you are directing candidates to the Find service to ensure candidates receive the most accurate information here: https://www.find-postgraduate-teacher-training.service.gov.uk