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OfSTED inspections of ITE on 4th May

29 March 2021

Resumption of ITE inspections

UCET is extremely concerned about the decision to resume full OfSTED inspections of ITE on 4 May. Not only is the decision out of kilter with OfSTED plans for school and college inspections, the inspection process itself will be difficult to manage given the social distancing rule that will remain in existence in many ITE locations. The results of any inspections carried out before September will be meaningless because of the disruption that the Covid pandemic is continuing to cause. Comparisons between the results of any inspections carried out this term and those carried out next year will not be possible. Executive Director James Noble-Rogers said, ‘this is another kick in the teeth for a sector that has behaved heroically during the pandemic. There is no reason whatsoever for inspections to go ahead in May, earlier that the resumption of other OfSTED inspections They will be disruptive for ITE providers and the schools and colleges they work in partnership with.’