Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

UCET paper on Effective Continuing Professional Development (Jan 2021)


Summary This report is based on the wealth of experience and scholarship shared by UCET colleagues. It reflects on key aspects of CPD-related policy, practice and research over the past 50 years and highlights the following principles: Education professionals require an expanding range of competences over their career; these are often context-specific, unforeseen and go beyond any single framework As well as being research-informed, CPD should engage educators in theory so they can adapt their learning creatively to enrich their own setting Reflective practitioners are best cultivated by supporting teachers’ in conducting their own research Effective CPD is built on trusted relationships between deliverers and learners and include a strong element of coaching and/or mentoring often by peers For sustained impact, CPD needs to be sustained over time (at least across two terms), making use of multiple formats By engaging teachers in their wider social, economic and environmental contexts, CPD will ensure responsible professionals in the fullest sense Developing teachers’ agency will enable them to consider their practice critically, lead their own learning and thus maximise the positive impact they have on their learners All CPD should be subject to robust quality assurance.

The full report is available below.