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Home for Christmas 2020 guidance for ITT providers for student trainees (26 November 2020)


New government guidance in respect of students returning home for Christmas. The reference to ITE students can be found below. ITE students, as critical workers, can be deemed to be operationally essential. There is no requirement however that student teachers continue their placements and they cannot be required to do so.

26 November 2020

Postgraduate and final year undergraduate initial teaching training (ITT) trainees

As critical workers providing support to schools during this challenging time, postgraduate trainees and undergraduate trainees in their final year can continue their placement in person until the end of term, where they are operationally essential and content to do so.

For all placements that end in person earlier than planned, ITT providers should consider how to best use the remaining training time before the end of term. This may include remote centre-based or school-based training.