Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

UCET Forum dates: Spring and Summer terms 2021

10 November 2020

UCET Forum and Committee Dates: Spring and Summer Terms 2021

Spring Term

Northern Ireland Committee: 12th January
Research & International Forum: 19th January
School Reference Group: 3rd February
USCET Cymru Forum: 4th February
Post-16 Forum: 12th February

½ term week: 16th – 21st February

Continuing Professional Development Forum: 26th February
ITE Primary Forum: 5th March
ITE Secondary Forum: 9th March
Management Forum: 19th March

Summer Term

Northern Ireland Committee: 4th May
Research & International Forum: 11th May
School Refrence Group: 19th May
USCET Cymru Forum: 20th May
Post-16 Forum: 21st May

½ term: 24th to 29th May

Continuing Professional Development Forum: 1st June
ITE Primary Forum: 8th June
ITE Secondary Forum: 15th June
Management Forum: 25th June