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Teacher Recruitment Bulletin (7th October 2020)

8 October 2020


Welcome to the start of the ITT recruitment 2021/22 cycle.

Candidates can now start to search for postgraduate ITT courses for 2021 at this link:

This October 2020 edition of the Teacher Recruitment Bulletin contains vital information to support your recruitment of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) trainees and teachers.

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ITT 2021 Recruitment Cycle

1) Financial incentives for ITT 2021/22
2) Apply for Teacher Training : Join the pilot
3) Virtual Train to Teach event spaces
4) Delayed confirmation of SKE package for academic year 2020/21
5) Case studies to support the Get into Teaching (GiT) PR campaign
6) Teaching Schools and ITT
7) Part time ITT courses
8) Cognition Education programme update
9) Now Teach network & programme update

International recruitment

10) Recruitment to International Teachers MFL & STEM
11) Recognition of teaching qualifications after the transition period
12) Recruiting trainee teachers from overseas – prepare for the new immigration system

Training and supporting the 2020/21 cohort

13) Support for ITT in 2020
14) ITT Criteria and supporting advice updates
15) Entry requirements and replacement certificates
16) ITT Core Content Framework (CCF) Implementation
17) ITT Census collection 2020/21
18) ITT Performance profiles 2019/20 is now paused

Early career support

19) Mathematics and Physics retention payments
20) Extra support for early career teachers
21) Teaching Vacancies
22) Free support for non-specialist teachers
23) Reducing teacher workload – DfE hosted online events featuring school leaders & Ofsted

ITT 2021 Recruitment Cycle

1) Financial Incentives for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) 2021/22

We will be announcing this autumn financial incentives available for ITT courses starting in academic year 2021/22. As always, financial incentives are reviewed annually; therefore, schools and providers should not assume that the new offer will be the same as last year’s.

2) Apply for Teacher Training : Join the pilot

Apply for teacher training is a GOV.​UK service created to improve candidates’ and providers’ teacher training application experience. It has been tested and designed to be easy to use and many providers are already using Apply for teacher training.

This October, we are inviting more providers to join the service.

By October 2021, Apply for teacher training will be the only application route for Postgraduate ITT in England.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss when is the right time for you to join and have your courses on Apply for teacher training, contact

3) Virtual Train to Teach event spaces available

The Train to Teach events team have created a brand new platform for events, enabling us to recreate our Train to Teach events in an online, virtual setting. These regionally focused events offer candidates the opportunity to view presentations and talk one-to-one with expert advisers, teachers and training providers about getting into teaching.

Please only apply for events in your area as we can only host a limited number of providers at each event.

· Wednesday 4 November – Peterborough

· Thursday 5 November– Exeter

· Tuesday 10 November – Liverpool

· Wednesday 11 November – Bristol

· Thursday 12 November – Guildford

· Tuesday 17 November – Norwich

· Thursday 19 November – Coventry

· Monday 23 November – York

· Wednesday 25 November – Cambridge

· Thursday 26 November – Manchester

To apply for a place at an event, please submit the booking form before 5pm on Friday 16 October using this link:

4) Delayed confirmation of SKE package for academic year 2020/21

On 15 September we wrote to ITT providers ahead of the start of the next ITT recruitment cycle to share some important information about Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) courses in the academic year 2020/21. For information and to remind ITT providers of the current position, please see the content of the letter below.

Note, we will also be updating the GiT and GOV.​UK websites to reflect the current position with SKE. We ask that ITT providers also consider amendments to their marketing material and update any references to SKE on their ‘Find Postgraduate Teacher Training’ course page via the ‘Publish teacher training courses’ portal.

Letter to ITT providers

‘We have written to SKE delivery organisations today to inform them that we do not expect to confirm the SKE package available for candidates for ITT courses starting in 2021 until the end of the 2020 calendar year. This is later than usual as confirmation of funding is dependent on the government’s Spending Review which is currently underway. We have also advised that SKE funding and SKE subject availability may change as we look to ensure we make best use of funds, given the increased interest in teaching. This means SKE providers should not start any candidates on SKE courses from 1 October for the 2020/21 recruitment cycle

In the interim we encourage you to consider whether a conditional offer requiring a SKE course is strictly necessary. Where providers judge SKE is required, it will be the candidate’s responsibility to gain subject knowledge if the SKE package we publish in Nov/Dec will not fund this. The candidate would need to decide whether to pay for this commercially themselves, in line with the current position for candidates required to gain GCSE/equivalent qualifications’.

We would like to work with you to minimise the impact on recruitment for ITT2021, and we will provide further information as soon as we are able.

You may want to consider amendments to your marketing materials for AY20/21 to reflect SKE availability, including on the Find Postgraduate Teacher Training service.

If you have any queries please contact

5) Case studies to support the Get Into Teaching (GiT) PR campaign

The GiT PR campaign is looking for new case studies to help highlight teaching as a rewarding career.

We are keen to speak to passionate teachers working in primary and secondary schools – including trainees as well as more experienced teachers with unusual or interesting career change stories.

Positive media coverage from case studies can benefit the individual, the school and help to support our wider efforts to help recruit and retain more teachers.

If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting the campaign, please contact our PR agency with their name, age, contact details, subject/s taught, and school.

6) Teaching Schools and ITT

Any Teaching Schools that are currently accredited as ITT providers should continue to offer ITT and continue to assume full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of courses leading to QTS whether or not they become a teaching school hub.
This includes responsibility for securing permission to recruit, recruitment and selection, all aspects of course design and delivery, management of the wider partnership, quality assurance, and QTS recommendations.

We will not remove accreditation from ITT providers simply because they are no longer a Teaching School. Removal of Teaching School designation has no impact on ITT accredited provider status.

Similarly, removal of Teaching School designation has no impact on Teaching Schools that are School Direct lead schools. They should continue to deliver ITT across their SD partnership as a SD lead school, in partnership with their ratifying accredited provider.

However, where such a provider or SD partnership has the term ‘teaching school’ in their operating name, they should remove this reference.

Any accredited ITT provider wishing to change its operating name should contact

7) Part-time ITT courses

We would like to remind existing ITT providers that they have scope to structure ITT programmes to facilitate delivery of flexible and/or part-time training without additional approval from the Department of Education (DfE)

Funding for flexible or part-time training is paid on a part-time basis. You may award the bursary across more than one academic year, but payments must reflect the proportion of the course that the trainee has competed at any point. Bursary payments made after 31 July will be included as expenditure for the fo