Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

DfE: Teaching Schools and ITT - updated guidance (01 October 2020)

1 October 2020

Any Teaching Schools that are currently accredited as ITT providers should continue to offer ITT and continue to assume full responsibility and accountability for all aspects of courses leading to QTS whether or not they become a teaching school hub.

This includes responsibility for securing permission to recruit, recruitment and selection, all aspects of course design and delivery, management of the wider partnership, quality assurance, and QTS recommendations.

We will not remove accreditation from ITT providers simply because they are no longer a Teaching School. Removal of Teaching School designation has no impact on ITT accredited provider status.

Similarly, removal of Teaching School designation has no impact on Teaching Schools that are School Direct lead schools. They should continue to deliver ITT across their SD partnership as a SD lead school, in partnership with their ratifying accredited provider.

However, where such a provider or SD partnership has the term ‘teaching school’ in their operating name, they will need to remove this reference.

Any accredited ITT provider wishing to change its operating name should contact