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CollectivED: The Mentoring & Coaching Hub (September-October newsletter)

11 September 2020

Dear Colleagues

We hope you all had an enjoyable summer.

We are delighted to share with a copy of our new CollectivED: Centre for Coaching, Mentoring & Professional Learning brochure.

All of our programmes are available as online development.

A full brochure detailing all of the CreatED by Carnegie School of Education is available with professional learning themes such as Mental Health in Schools, LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Schools, Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Learning, Anti-Racism in Schools and Supervision in Schools. It can be found to view here: Please email if you would like to receive a full copy of the brochure.

CollectivED Knowledge Exchange in partnership with Growth Coaching International (GCI) and Instructional Coaching Group
‘Better Conversations; enhancing education one discussion at a time’

Join us for an opportunity to engage with great ideas, insights and discussion on how better conversations can enhance education for all.

There will be four weeks of video-based conversations to learn from, culminating in a live celebration of professional practice and learning with keynotes and participatory discussion sessions.

Our event starts on November 9th and over four weeks we will release themed video-based discussions. Each video will feature experts in conversation about their work and will be hosted by members of the CollectivED and GCI teams. The hosts will draw together key ideas and offer reflective comments and questions to help you reflect on your own professional contexts and research interests. Each video will be about 60 minutes long.

On December 5th we will hold a live, online event which will celebrate the value of coaching, mentoring and professional conversations in educational settings with keynote sessions from Dr Jim Knight, Viv Grant and Johnny Uttley, access to themed discussion rooms to follow-up the video-based conversations and keynotes and a plenary session hosted by Prof. Rachel Lofthouse and Prof. Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

For more information please visit

Tickets: £25 per person

Join Us!

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