Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

The TeachVac review of the labour market 2020 & vacancy service

8 September 2020

TeachVac is great value for money. Each vacancy advertised costs less than £2 to create as a result of intelligent use of modern technology. This is considerably cheaper than any paid for alternative. However, TeachVac does need to cover the costs of its operation. This autumn we will be offering paid services to teachers and trainees to help them in their job hunting.

TeachVac also offers a comprehensive set of data on primary and secondary schools that allows vacancies to be matched to any school data published by the DfE where the school’s URN is included.

TeachVac is backed by a team with more than thirty years of experience in understanding the labour market for teachers.

TeachVac is happy to develop specific arrangements with individual organisations working with teachers and prospective teachers. If you would like more information, please email at or