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UCET statement on the Core Content Framework and OfSTED inspection framework (23rd June 2020)

23 June 2020

ITE providers and their partner schools were, prior to the Covid 19 pandemic, working hard to reflect the new ITE content framework in their programmes and prepare for the new inspection regime. Activities included the recruitment and training of mentors in schools, the sharing of resources and engagement in strategic planning. Representative bodies such as UCET were supporting their memberships through conferences, discussion forums, the provision of advice and the sharing of information. The Covid 19 pandemic has meant however that ITE providers, and more importantly schools, are not in any position to continue with this level of preparation, given that their priorities must be focussed elsewhere for the foreseeable future. Because of this we advised DfE and OfSTED that there was no option other than to delay the introduction of the CCF and the new inspection framework to make sure that they can be launched successfully and without diverting the attention of schools and ITE providers from developing innovative solutions to ensure that new teachers continue to receive high quality and relevant teacher education. We understand however that the OfSTED framework and the CCF are to go ahead as planned. UCET’s advice to its members is to do what is feasible to plan for the introduction of the new inspection framework and the CCF and ensure they comply with regulatory requirements, but not at the expense of supporting schools and student teachers in the way that best meets their needs and circumstances. The UCET community, which comprises the vast majority of HEI ITE providers, will offer their full support to colleagues in this regard.