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Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

ITT Course Extensions Funding Manual for 2019/2020 (8th June 2020)


The government announced, on 7 April 2020, arrangements for the recommendation of qualified teacher status (QTS) for trainee teachers whose courses have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. These arrangements set out that trainees making adequate progress towards the teachers’ standards and who continue to participate in their initial teacher training (ITT) course should be recommended for QTS at its conclusion. This will enable them to enter the workforce as newly qualified teachers in autumn 2020.

A small minority of trainee teachers will not have been making adequate progress. Schools and ITT providers should take steps to enable these trainees to continue their training in autumn term 2020, with courses to conclude, in most cases, by December 2020. It is for the ITT provider to determine the duration and content of training that takes place in this period.

Course extension funding is available to support these trainees, their ITT provider and employing schools (for employment based routes). This funding is specifically for trainees in this group and should not be claimed or used for any other purpose. Course extension funding will only be paid where the length of the course exceeds its originally planned duration and only for the extension portion of the course.

The full guidance and eligibility criteria can be found via the link below: