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Coronavirus: UCET advice on ITE placements for the current academic year 2019/20 (May 2020)


UCET advice on the resumption of ITE placements in the context of Covid19 for the remainder of the academic year.

In the event of some schools re-opening from June onwards, colleagues will have to give consideration to whether student teachers should resume placement opportunities in 2019/20. UCET’s view is that this should be for ITE providers to decide in consultation with their partner schools and with the students concerned. We would however advise that students should only go into schools if: (i) all parties (ITE provider, student and school) are in agreement; (ii) no individual student will be expected to go into school if they are unable or unwilling to do so, and that they will not be disadvantaged if they do choose not to go in; (iii) students will have a meaningful learning experience; (iv) the health and safety of students and HEI/school staff are protected; and (v) students not given the opportunity to resume placements are not unduly disadvantaged in comparison. Students might also be reminded of the scope they have to consult any unions they belong to before making a decision.

This advice is contingent on any future decisions or guidance from DfE.


12 May 2020