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Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

Post-16 sector (DET guidelines from the Education & Training Foundation)


ETF guidance in respect of DET guidelines in the context of Covid19.

Additional guidance on student teachers on DET courses disrupted due to Covid 19

19 March 2020

ETF recognizes that the current extreme situation means disruption for both providers and student teachers on FE ITE programmes. We are keen that this does not unfairly work against those student teachers who were progressing well and had every likelihood of satisfactory completion of the course. Therefore we are issuing the following recommendations to Awarding Organisations to cover this particular period with regard to reasonable adjustment. These relate to the requirements for teaching practice and corresponding number of observations. We hope by the issue of this document to avoid disparities in the ways in which Awarding Organisations respond to the current situation.

The following applies to those undertaking a one year full time DET programme or those who are in the second year of a two year part time programme. We believe those on the first year of a two year part time programme should have adequate opportunity to complete the programme in the second year.

Providing that the student teacher has satisfactorily completed all other in course assignment work, it is acceptable for Awarding Organisations to award a Pass to student teachers who have:

Hopefully the above means we will not disadvantage those promising students who have shown competence to date whilst not compromising the quality of those progressing to the workforce.

UCET are happy to advise colleagues, or discuss the implications, on this guidance. Please contact Post 16 Chair Karen McGrath on karen.mcgrath@bcu.ac.uo or Vice Chair Russell Shobrook on russell.shobrook@plymouth.ac.uk