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Post16 Sector - DfE guidance


Guidance from the DfE for the Post-16 sector

Further Education Initial Teacher Education - advice

The Department for Education (DfE) does not set requirements for FE teacher training programmes in the same way as it does for courses leading to Qualified Teacher Status. Teaching practice requirements for DET and DET-compliant programmes are a matter for Higher Education Providers and awarding bodies, and the requirements for QTLS status are determined by the Society for Education and Training. As with schools’ ITT we would expect there to be some flexibility for those FE trainees who are demonstrating the requisite level of professional practice, but who are unable to satisfy the usual requirements of their qualification owing to the impact of Covid19.

We would expect HEPs and ABs, as the owners of qualifications, to review and take appropriate steps to ensure that any changes to qualification requirements take account of the developing situation around coronavirus and the need to ensure the health and safety of ITE providers, trainee teachers and learners. Where possible we would want there to be consistency across qualifications and providers so that all trainees are treated fairly. We think that the Education and Training Foundation, which is progressing a review of the DET, is well placed to support the sector to achieve a consistent approach.

Clearly it is very important that the supply of new teachers entering the FE sector is maintained, and that professional standards are upheld, but that needs to be done in a way that reflects the exigencies of the current situation.