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Promoting School Experience: increasing ITT applicants

1 November 2019

Increasing your ITT applications

TheDfE have been working alongside a large number of schools to develop the ‘Manage School Experience’ service. Schools can use the service to offer and manage school experience placements for prospective trainee teachers.

The new service can be used as a marketing and recruitment tool to advertise teacher training opportunities.

The benefits to schools who sign up are:

  • A central service through which to manage requests for school experience, reducing workload
  • The ability to manage school experience on an individual school basis, or on behalf of a network of schools
  • The ability to attract and meet potential ITT applicants and decide who to offer experience to
  • The ability to set options such as subject and date of placements

The service provides schools with information about the candidate in an interactive dashboard, enabling easy management of booking requests. For example:

  • Contact details
  • What they are looking to get from their placement
  • How far they have got towards becoming a teacher
  • Qualifications

The service is now live and we are looking to increase the number of schools engaging with it in order to ensure they have access to potential candidates in their area.

Signing up is simple - just send the relevant schools URN to and one of our team will be in touch to get you started.