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UCET Research Prize

Invitation to apply for UCET research prize

The Universities' Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) is seeking applications for its new research prize. The prize is open to practitioners working in education settings1 who conduct research that supports CPD for teachers and other educators. The prize will be the opportunity for the winners to present their findings at the annual UCET conference, which takes place over two days in November each year and is one of the largest gatherings of teacher educators and education researchers in the UK. It will include the full cost of attendance at the conference, accommodation and travel.

The research conducted should support teachers and other professional educators in respect of:

  • The effectiveness and relevance of different kinds of CPD (in terms of content, level & mode of delivery); and
  • The identification of new forms of CPD and gaps in CPD provision.

Applications should include information about:

  • What research was carried out;
  • Why the research was carried out (rationale);
  • How the research was conducted;
  • How the work has or will be disseminated;
  • The research findings; and
  • The implications of the research for practice.

Applications will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Creativity and innovation in respect of the way the research was conducted or its subject matter;
  • The appropriateness and relevance of the research methodology used;
  • The quality of the design and delivery of the research;
  • The impact of the research (on institutions, researchers themselves, colleagues, students etc); and
  • Statements of support.

Research conducted as part of HE programmes, TLA submissions, subject association qualifications etc are all eligible for submission.

Applications, of no more than 1,000 words (excluding statements of support and any annexes) should be sent to James Noble-Rogers (j.noble-rogers@ucet.ac.uk) by 31 December. Statements of support from either employers or those who either commissioned or used the research should be included with each submission.

1 Individuals or groups of individuals working (for example) schools, further education , work-based training, early years provision and teacher education.