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Promoting Quality in Teacher Education

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Management Forum

The UCET Management Forum is the main forum in which Heads of Schools and Departments of Education are able to meet to discuss matters of importance in relation to the provision of teacher education in the UK. It also takes up issues not likely to appear on the agendas of the other committees, such as staff development and also considers the management implications of the whole range of university work. Current discussions include workload and stress of academic staff, risk management and partnership.

Jean Dourneen is the current chair of Management Forum

Jean was a secondary school English teacher for many years before joining the University of Bristol's Graduate School of Education as a PGCE English Tutor in 2006. Since then, she has held various posts at the Graduate School of Education, including PGCE Programme Director, Director of Teacher Education and most recently School Education Director. Jean is particularly interested in the policy of teacher education and has been involved with various national groups which have provided a voice for the sector during the last few turbulent years for teacher education. She retires from the University of Bristol in October 2017, but is continuing to pursue her interest in policy, working with UCET as Chair of the Management Forum.

Jean Dourneen


Jean Dourneen